Emily Loughnan

Creative Director

Emily is a serial over-achiever who is pathologically positive and oversees the creative and strategic direction of many of the projects we work on.

As a co-founder of the company Emily is pivotal in our user-centred approach, ensuring we really are creating something that will delight its users primarily, but also exceed our client’s business objectives.

Prior to forming Click Suite Emily had a very successful TV career including leading large and complex projects for TVNZ and NZ On Air where she commissioned NZ$50m of TV programmes annually. Emily has been a pioneer in the interactive industry and was appointed to the Prime Minister’s Growth and Innovation Advisory Board.

Emily is a popular speaker at various events, because her passion for new technology is infectious.

Rex McIntosh

Technical Director

Possibly the world’s first amateur connoisseur cook trackable by GPS, Rex is the technical wizard behind Click Suite’s many and varied projects that combine innovative software with custom built hardware.

Rex leads the technical development team and looks after all technical matters particularly where we need to interface with other technologies. He has his eye on longevity and reliability.

A co-founder of Click Suite, Rex ensures we are ahead of the industry, watching and testing new developments and even developing many “world-first” technologies of our own. Before Click Suite, he created the first computer generated images on TV and his animations for iconic NZ television commercials have won international acclaim.

Rex’s work has attracted the attention of industry pioneers, including Steve Wozniak from Apple Computer.

Cristina Campos

Project Manager

Cristina has a brilliant combination of over 10 years’ experience, great technical knowledge and a very people-orientated style of Project Management that sees problems solved, work tested and delivered, and happy teams on both client and supplier sides.

Cristina also manages our external resources, as we have a large family of trusted contractors that we work with, ensuring that we are all working as one united team and that contractors also deliver on time, on budget and to our exacting standards.

She loves a good process driven studio and has an eye for detail, helping to ensure projects get the right people and resources, when they need them, and run smoothly against the timelines. She aims to keep each team member motivated and ensures that the experience is enjoyable for everyone involved.

Cristina began managing creative people in 2002 when she was based in Brazil, working with her own web production company. She has a BA in both Graphic and Industrial Design as well as a certificate in Project Management from PMI.

Sheree Smith

Finance Manager

"I love the great environment and people at Click Suite, and there are always interesting projects on the go."

Making sure we all get paid on time is only one of Sheree's jobs at Click Suite. With an extensive accounting background, Sheree spends her time monitoring cash flow, keeping the IRD happy and sussing out any financial reporting for the directors.

Work/life balance is important to all of us, and Sheree says she gets it in droves. Outside of work Sheree says her other job is as a taxi driver for her two kids, who are up to all sorts of varied activities.

Sheree loves working within the creative industry and her ability to keep the financial wheels turning smoothly keeps the studio operating at the top of its game.

Tim Denee


Tim is a multidisciplinary graphic designer whose background ranges from straight typographic print work to fully interactive displays to mid-century illustration.

With over ten years industry experience, Tim started in the e-learning business, creating interactives for both small companies and large Government ministries. These valuable years taught him the value of storytelling and play within interactive experiences. Before joining Click Suite, Tim was working as a graphic designer producing identities, packaging and publications for some of New Zealand’s best-known brands.

Tim’s been at Click Suite for a few years now, where he’s worked on everything from a projection-mapped lightshow in a wharenui to a three-meter-tall interactive game about cities of the future in a science museum. His focus is clear communication – strategic, purposeful design. He also has plenty of experience with illustration, infographics, motion graphics, branding and a bunch of other design specialities.

His work has been featured by ProDesign, Wired and Well-Medicated. In 2010 he became a member of the International Society of Typographic Designers.

Emma Martin

User Experience designer

Emma is a designer with a keen interest in interactive media. After graduating from the University of Waikato with a Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design, she spent the next three years in an advertising agency – working in a fast paced environment where every day presented a new and exciting challenge. Having earned her stripes there, she's followed her passion back into the world of interactive design - using a keen eye for the user experience to ensure that everything Click Suite does has the user's needs at its heart. Whether it's wireframes, personas, research or strategy, Emma brings energy and excellence to everything she does.

Emma has found the key to keeping her creative heart ticking lies with ambition. Ambition and Restlessness. She always has a handful of personal projects on the go at any given time, in any given media. Outside of design she loves to keep active, especially climbing mountains and exploring her new home.

Madelyn Benn

Studio Manager

Out in the Click Suite jungle Madelyn has her hyper-focal eye on the viewfinder and finger on the shutter of our tamed and untamed pixel monkeys.

A talented photographer, Madelyn has the pivotal role of overseeing what everyone is working on. She loves a good process and has eye for detail.

She assists the Client Services team, helping to ensure their projects get the right people and resources, when they need them, and run smoothly against the timelines. She aims to keep each team member motivated and ensure that the experience is enjoyable for everyone involved.

Madelyn began managing creative people eleven years ago when she was based in London, working with a large photographic production company. She completed her Bachelor of Design at Massey Wellington, went overseas, and joined Click Suite upon her return to Aotearoa in 2006.

She thoroughly enjoys working in the creative industry and will be one of the first to greet you when you visit.